Clinical Internships

Launch Your Career & Change Lives

We see sound clinical education as both our professional responsibility and our opportunity to give back by helping students become passionate and capable therapists.

Our goal is to inspire our student therapists to become experts in working with seniors, helping them to:

  • Maintain their independence
  • Stay safely in their homes
  • Live with dignity and purpose
Launch Your Career & Change Lives

EmpowerMe has affiliations with numerous colleges and universities to help develop student therapists into superior senior healthcare practitioners. We offer clinical internships for PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP in many EmpowerMe communities across the country.

In addition, our clinical and operational mentoring support for newly graduated therapists is second to none. Having a talented and dedicated personal mentor helps new therapists assimilate quickly and accelerates their development.

Students interested in completing a clinical experience with EmpowerMe Wellness need to contact their University to coordinate directly with EmpowerMe. To learn more, contact us universityrelations@empowerme.com or simply click the Contact Us button below.

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Internships at EmpowerMe

The Student Experience

Are you passionate about helping seniors? Then a clinical internship with EmpowerMe is for you!

Our seniors are at the center of everything we do, and we think the best care starts with the very best training.

Offering Resources to Help in

Growing Your Career




Dedicated Mentorship Opportunities

Newly graduated therapists receive extensive clinical and operational support from our team members. Having a dedicated mentor will help you as both a clinician and a teammate.


Time with your Residents

In senior living, therapists spend far more time working one-on-one with patients than in other settings. That leads to better outcomes — and unforgettable relationships!

Helping You Excel

Clinical Internship Testimonials